We founded Leesa with a simple goal: to help people sleep better.

We’ve started with a beautifully designed and crafted mattress that meets the needs of almost everyone and an online store that makes buying a mattress simple and hassle free.

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Why we started Leesa

Like so many people, the entrepreneurs behind Leesa had trouble sleeping. We bought beds offering all sorts of benefits, from coils to memory foam - nothing worked. What’s more, the experience of trying out mattresses in showrooms with salesmen peering down on us was horrible. None of the features actually helped us sleep better – probably because most of them were hocus-pocus.

We approached a friend and long-time industry veteran and asked, “If you could redesign the mattress and reinvent the sleep experience, what would you do?” His response was “I’d simplify it and take out all the “stuff” we’ve been adding for years to justify higher prices.”

From this idea, Leesa was born. The Leesa mattress is a completely redesigned mattress offering what we call a Universal Adaptive Feel™ that adapts to all body shapes and sizes and all sleeping styles. This is particularly useful for couples as each side adapts differently to each partner. A look at the extraordinary number of 5-star reviews confirms that our customers report a better sleep experience, night after night and that makes us very happy.

Our mattress friend who developed our mattress became our co-founder so we combine years of entrepreneurial experience with deep industry knowledge.

The online store has been designed with the same eye to simplicity as our mattress. Since we’ve avoided the awkward showroom experience, we also have a lower cost structure. You’ll see that in our prices. We believe you’ll find our pricing simple and transparent.

We put a lot of time and effort into selecting the combination of materials used inside your Leesa. Each layer of foam is carefully selected to provide core strength, memory foam pressure relief as well as cooling and bounce.

Leesa mattresses are compressed, boxed and shipped for convenience to your home. It sounds crazy, but it works, and the compression process actually improves the life of the mattress. We set out determined to be American-made, and we’ve proudly achieved our goal.

And, because Leesa mattresses are only available online, we wanted to make the purchase 100% risk-free - so we did. All Leesa mattresses include a 100 night in-home trial backed by a no-hassle, full refund policy.

What sets Leesa apart as a company is our industry leading social impact program. We measure our success as much by looking at our impact on the world as we do by our revenue and profit. The program has 3 separate initiatives. We donate mattresses, we plant trees and we support our local community. It’s a deep rooted program that is the heart and soul of our company.

We hope you’ll love your Leesa as much as we’ve loved bringing our ambitious ideas to life. We look forward to hearing from you once you’ve tried a few nights on a Leesa.

Here’s to good days and even better nights.

David, Jamie and the Leesa team.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to help people sleep better. We design, create and sell thoughtful products delivered straight to your home. Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do and we run our company with integrity for our customers, suppliers, and employees.

We give back by supporting people who struggle to afford a place to rest their head at night.

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